Chapel History

Nicholas Ludlum commissioned the building of the Chapel of Three Sisters, a memorial to his three deceased daughters, at the eastern end of the graveyard in 1857. It's a symmetrical, one-story Romanesque Revival building, approximately 40 by 40 feet, and 25 feet high.  At each of the northern and southern facades there is one large stained-glass rose window. In its square proportions and somber materials, the Chapel created an eloquent memorial to its namesakes.  Once it was finished, it became the main entrance and the focal point of Prospect Cemetery, as it was the most visible structure on the property.

The Chapel was vacant for many decades.  Its slate roof has received repairs in recent years with funding from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission and the New York Landmarks Conservancy, as has the beautiful stained-glass windows, and its solid ashlar fieldstone construction has weathered time admirably.


The Chapel recently underwent significant restoration. Read more about the process and improvements.