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The GIS Database

As an important part of the Prospect Cemetery Revitalization Initiative, physical features in Prospect Cemetery were recorded in a GIS database.  Several thousand physical features were identified in the cemetery, including headstones, footstones, fence posts, obelisks, etc.   Mapping the markers and fence posts revealed the previously overgrown historic pathways throughout the cemetery and informed the restoration of the landscape.   The information collected on each marker helped inform and prioritize marker conservation projects.  The database is a valuable resource as it contains inscriptions from each documented marker.  PCA is pleased to share this marker information with the public.

The Frost Inscriptions

An inventory of markers in Prospect Cemetery was recorded by Josephine Frost in 1910.  Some markers are recorded in this inventory, but do not appear in the more recent database because markers were damaged or covered over time and were no longer visible when the GIS data was recorded. View the the hand-typed Frost inscriptions.