Our Mission


"To hold and maintain lands and buildings known as Prospect Cemetery for use as a place of burial for the dead through such activities as preserving the Cemetery and the Chapel of the Sisters; fostering knowledge of the historic heritage of Jamaica, Queens; and cooperating with other organizations with respect to achieving these goals and activities."


The Prospect Cemetery Association (PCA) was founded in 1879 to manage the Prospect Cemetery.  Ownership of the cemetery fell to the City of New York in the 1950s when PCA was no longer able to fulfill its purposes, and the cemetery entered a long period of neglect.

In 1999, three nonprofit groups joined together to create the Prospect Cemetery Revitalization Initiative.  The three organizations were Greater Jamaica Development Corporation, the New York Landmarks Conservancy, and PCA.  As owner, the City of New York's Department of Parks and Recreation was the governmental partner of the Initiative.   Over the next 15 years, the Initiative raised over $2.4 million to secure the site, restore the Chapel of the Sisters, reclaim and replant the grounds, and commence a marker conservation program.

Today, PCA serves as liaison with descendants of lot owners, performs genealogical research, organizes volunteer clean-up campaigns, and coordinates tours and events, along with Greater Jamaica Development Corporation and the New York Landmarks Conservancy.  One of the most important challenges is programming the restored Chapel of the Sisters.  The Chapel was built in 1857 in the Romanesque Revival style by Nicholas Ludlum in memory of his three daughters who died at young ages.  It is available for events and public functions.